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Racist Settler Policing: Black and Indigenous Targeting
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International Workers’ Day Statement 2020
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If You Do Not Hit It Then It Will Not Fall! An Analysis of the Canadian Yellow-Vest Movement and Anti-Fascist Activity in Vancouver

The rise of the Yellow-Vest movement in France has sparked a renewed wave of class struggle, with spontaneous mass protests radiating outwards from France and taking root in neighbouring countries like Belgium and the Netherlands. This movement is born in the struggle against the crises imposed by decaying capitalism. These crises continue to impose harsher […]

Shut down the Munk Debates! No platform for fascists!

On Friday November 2, the Munk Debates will host notorious fascist propagandist Steve Bannon. Bannon, a former political advisor to US President Donald Trump, was directly behind the ‘Muslim Ban’, is a co-founder of the fascist website Breitbart, and since leaving the Trump regime has been an advisor to fascist parties and organizations around the […]

Don’t Vote! Develop Dual Power Instead!

 [Graffiti for the election boycott spotted in Vancouver] “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class shall represent and repress them in parliament!” This statement is as true today as it was over a hundred years ago when it was first written by Lenin in “State […]

On the Misrepresentation of Line Struggle

One of the worst aspects of the New Communist Movement was its tendency to get bogged down in unprincipled polemics that spent more time attempting to win on the level of rhetoric than achieve substantial organizational gains. For years the Maoist movement in Canada has avoided this distraction, using polemics to draw clear lines rather […]

Statement on Fightback’s Recent Activities in KW

The following is a joint statement from Kitchener-Waterloo’s branch of the PCR-RCP and Kitchener-Waterloo Against Fascism. On Wednesday May 9, Laurier Society for Open Inquiry, a group that regularly attempts to bring far right speakers to Kitchener-Waterloo, hosted Frances Widdowson. Widdowson is a C list academic who believes that residential schools were a positive thing […]