May Day 2017 Roundup

Annual May Day mobilizations provide a number of opportunities for revolutionary communists. They’re an opportunity for us to put revolutionary politics front-and-centre in the minds of workers and oppressed people, to commemorate the history of revolutionary struggles which continue to present the best hope for the future, and to take stock of the state of […]

The East Is Red… and the Future is Bright!

Revolutionary activists from various areas in the Maritimes gathered last weekend at the 4th Canadian Revolutionary Conference, convened in Halifax by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP). Following successful conferences in Montréal (2006), Toronto (2010) and Vancouver (2014), the main objective of this CRC was to propel the expansion of revolutionary communism in the Maritime provinces, […]

The East is RED!

The Revolutionary Communist Party presents Canadian Revolutionary Conference ☭ – Halifax – May 21-23, 2016 The East Is RED! Join us for a weekend of political discussions, sharing of perspectives, with the goal of uniting revolutionaries from coast-to-coast! For more information, or to attend, email: