May Day 2017 Roundup

Annual May Day mobilizations provide a number of opportunities for revolutionary communists. They’re an opportunity for us to put revolutionary politics front-and-centre in the minds of workers and oppressed people, to commemorate the history of revolutionary struggles which continue to present the best hope for the future, and to take stock of the state of […]

Labour Law fails to protect workers

A series of government “blitz” investigations found that the vast majority of employers in Ontario are violating the Employment Standards Act. In 78% of the 304 workplaces investigated in January, workers were forced to work illegally long hours, were denied overtime and holiday pay, and went without vacations or “pay in lieu”. All of these […]

Steel City Workers’ Defence Network

The Revolutionary Workers’ Movement of Hamilton has launched a new initiative which aims to defend the direct, day-to-day interests of Hamilton’s workers. The Steel City Workers’ Defence Network will use solidarity and direct action to fight issues like wage-theft, unjust firings, sexual harassment, stealing tips, unpaid training, and others. “The idea is this: there are […]

Boycott the 2015 Federal Election – Day of Action in Hamilton

Sunday, October 18 at 2pm King & James – Outside Jackson Square Hamilton, ON At the end of the longest—and probably most meaningless—election campaign in Canadian history, let’s make one thing clear: these election aren’t legitimate, and neither is the state that runs them! Across the country, mobilizations for the Day of Action, called as […]