MARCH 24 | Day of Action on Canadian Campuses

Various actions will happen in at least 15 cities and 7 provinces this coming Tuesday, March 24, following the call made a few weeks ago by the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM). The #redspring2015 Day of Action will take place at the same time that thousands of Québec students are entering in a massive struggle against […]

On the Ontario Elections Boycott Campaign

The idea of boycotting the state is slowly becoming more popular, as demonstrated by the recent Ontario Provincial Elections. While there was some difficulty in the past in breaking from bourgeois legality—and those who argued for an organized electoral boycott so as to make an existing implicit boycott explicit were treated as heretics by those […]

Boycott the Elections!

Maoists in Ontario are currently running a campaign for boycotting the elections to be held on June 12 in that province. The 2014 Ontario Election Boycott Campaign is endorsed by a number of different organizations and leftist publications including: Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada – Ontario Revolutionary Student Movement: uOttawa Chapter Revolutionary Student Movement: University […]

Onwards Revolutionary Student Movement!

On June 15-16, activists from across Canada assembled in Ottawa for the second national conference of revolutionary youth and students, It is Right to Rebel, sponsored by the PCR-RCP. After the first conference, which was held in Toronto at the end of 2012, students mobilized in order to consolidate a common political line that would […]

Revolutionary Students ‘Seize the Time’ at First Conference

December 1st and 2nd, 2012, saw the first conference of revolutionary youth and students convened in Toronto. Initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party and titled, “Seize the Time; Blaze a Revolutionary Path,” the conference brought together revolutionary students from Ottawa, Toronto, Guelph, Montréal, Sainte-Thérèse, Québec City and Rimouski —as well as comrades from New York […]