The Mass Line and Communist Methods of Mass Work

Introduction This article is an attempt to synthesize, on an abstract and universal level, nearly eight years of experience engaging in various types of mass work. As we enter into a new phase of our work –one marked by rapid expansion of the party organization, and the further development of our mass and intermediate organizations […]

Re-initiation of Arsenal–the theoretical journal of the PCR-RCP Canada

The Arsenal journal is available through the Maison Norman Bethune bookstore. To order copies (single or bulk), write to or call 514 563-1487. Update (2017/02/12): You can also order it through Kersplebedeb—a publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets. * * * Foreword: This year marks two anniversaries: the 150 year an-niversary of […]

Can “Red Power” exist in Canada?

– This essay was first published in Arsenal magazine, No. 8, Summer 2008. – It’s strange in an advanced capitalist society for one piece of legislation to have as much influence on a person—or rather, on a whole people—as the Indian Act does on the First Nations, Inuit and Metis people in Canada. Concentrating various […]

We must overthrow imperialist domination!

Translated from Arsenal magazine, No. 3, June 2004. Arsenal is the voice of the RCP(OC). The Europeans arrive to seize the territory! To “liberate it” from the obstacles which resulted from its occupancy by the First Nations, and from the modes of existence (scale of production, social relationship and political powers) that they had established. […]

The myth of self-management

Translated from RCP(OC)’s Arsenal magazine, No. 2, March 2004. The majority of men and women are forced to live under capitalism. Because of an unfavorable strength balance under capitalism, the proletariat is forced to consider its liberation only through its immediate living conditions. To say the least, the proletariat is the prisoner of a system […]