Twelve Years of the Parti communiste révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Communist Party!

This January 25th marks the 12th anniversary of the Founding Party congress of the Parti communiste révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Communist Party. The last year has seen significant developments in our work, that we will celebrate on this day as we develop to advance our program of revolution.

On May 1st the PCR-RCP rallied around the slogan “Unite Against the Three Enemies of the People: Capitalism, Colonialism and Imperialism” for International Workers Day. The Party led militant celebrations all across the country. It is our aim to further develop these events as we come to the historically significant 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike.

The PCR-RCP has been initiating Against Fascism chapters across the country, with the intention to develop a pan-Canadian structure for a militant, anti-capitalist, and mass-orientated approach to smashing fascism. It is no surprise that Against Fascism chapters continue to be leading forces in directly combating Fascists in Canada and building militancy and the confidence to fight for and defend our communities. This is despite Against Fascism militants having faced continued repression from the Canadian State, which directly defends Fascist demonstrations and events.

The last year has been full of workers struggles that face direct animosity from the bourgeois state, as policies of austerity assault the working class on the behalf of bourgeois profits. The PCR-RCP participated in the 142 day strike of Cupe 3903 members at York University, that shut down the University for that period and folded once the state declared back to work legislation. While PCR-RCP chapters across the country help initiate and lead hard pickets of Canada Post Depots – shutting down the distribution of mail in many locations – in support of the Canadian Union of Postal Worker after they faced their back to work legislation on November 27th.

And while distinct, the work of the Mouvement étudaint révolutionnaire – Revolutionary Student Movement continues to be a leading force in advancing the student movement since the Party called for the first Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students. Despite its own independence, we are proud to see the successes of the MER-RSM and its continued commitment to struggle. Whether in their goals of building militant student movement that is organized and can shake the foundations of bourgeois education institutions or its activities to defeat reactionaries and reactionaries lines as they are given platforms in these institutions, we look forward to continued comradery in struggle with the MER-RSM in the years to come.

It is only through a revolutionary party that the working and oppressed classes possess the tool to centralize and to guide a war for revolution. It is from this perspective that we celebrate the achievements of the Party, but still direct ourselves and welcome the developments that we will need to make to prepare and lead the revolutionary overthrow of the Canadian Bourgeoisie and their reactionary state. So we hope that you will, with us, raise a red flag for the PCR-RCP and join us in our struggle for a better world!

Solidarity in Struggle!

Long Live the PCR-RCP!