Solidarity with the Maoist Communist Party of France – In Memory of Comrade Pierre

We are saddened and humbled to hear of the passing of Comrade Pierre of the Parti Communiste Maoiste (PCM). A militant since Mai 68’, and a supporter of Gauche Prolétarienne in his youth, Pierre’s dedication Maoism has truly spanned the entirety of his life. Pierre has contributed invaluably to the growth of Maoism in France, and indeed the world through his work assisting women accessing abortion services, with immigrant workers, his mentorship of others, and his leadership in the PCM. Pierre remained in the movement, in his party, and in the streets into his last days; truly Pierre was a dedicated and unwavering organizer. He tirelessly gave to the work of the PCM; inspiring other revolutionaries all over the world and here in Canada as well.

Pierre’s passing is a reminder that we give our lives wholly to the revolution. As Maoists we have a keen understanding of our moment in time, but also a broad historical understanding of our work and the ever-present goal of communism. We see every life given over to the struggle as valuable beyond measure because it gets us closer to our goal. To contribute to the struggle, to be among the masses and fight with them, to keep a proletarian perspective, to build up the party and revolutionary movement in service of the international working class; this is the life and purpose of a revolutionary.

Pierre, like so many other comrades, remains immortal in our hearts. A death in the service of the people is weightier than Mount Tai – our hearts are heavy for Pierre, his family, and our comrades in the PCM but the struggle continues with renewed purpose ever towards our goal of communism.

Red Salute! Forge ahead in memory of our fallen comrade!