Steel City Workers’ Defence Network

The Revolutionary Workers’ Movement of Hamilton has launched a new initiative which aims to defend the direct, day-to-day interests of Hamilton’s workers. The Steel City Workers’ Defence Network will use solidarity and direct action to fight issues like wage-theft, unjust firings, sexual harassment, stealing tips, unpaid training, and others.

“The idea is this: there are far more of us workers than there are bosses. And so when we stand together, we have all the power,” said one of the organizers.

Revolutionary Workers’ Movement organizers will be putting up posters with details and contact information around Hamilton. They hope that disgruntled workers will see the advertisements, and get in touch with them. The Revolutionary Workers’ Movement will then meet with the worker, assess the situation, and figure out how best to help.

Similar initiatives have been successful in other cities across Ontario. Organizers in Ottawa have been successful in getting workers their stolen wages back, and in Kitchener-Waterloo efforts have extended even to fighting slum landlords.

“Workers in Hamilton are no less in need of a means of collectively fighting back against the many injustices we face as we try and get by. But unfortunately, right now there isn’t a way for workers to do so, especially if they’re not unionized. We hope to change that.”

For more information, contact or call 289-382-9632.

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