Fourth Canadian Revolutionary Conference, Halifax, May 21-22

The Revolutionary Communist Party calls on workers, revolutionary youth, anti-capitalist activists, supporters of indigenous national liberation and all those fighting for a socialist future to take part in the 4th Canadian Revolutionary Conference, to be held on May 21-22, 2016 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is the latest in a series of conferences whose objective is to gather and unite the forces who wish to fight for the revolution, destroy the bourgeois Canadian state and establish people’s and workers’ power from coast to coast. The conference will take place in Halifax to allow activists from the Atlantic Provinces and members of indigenous communities to gather and discuss, in the context of the actual class struggle, perspectives that can help to advance the revolutionary struggle, in liaison with revolutionaries from across the country.

->Read the Call for the Fourth Canadian Revolutionary Conference

->The East Is Red – Organizing Perspectives for the Maritime Provinces (main document for the conference)

Those interested in participating are invited to contact the organizing committee at the following address:

Other documents for reference:

Dossier on national liberation struggle of Indigenous Peoples (from No. 8 of Arsenal magazine):

Also on indigenous struggles: