Community Meeting Against De Caire at McMaster Hailed as a Success

From the February edition of the Hamilton Partisan:

On Wednesday, January 27, student and community groups met at McMaster University for the De Caire Off Campus: Community Meeting. The meeting began with a presentation on De Caire’s career history, and what the campaign has done to date. The presenter, a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party, pointed out that De Caire had been active in creating the TAVIS team in Toronto, which like ACTION in Hamilton, was occupying army in poor and racialized neighborhoods. The presenter said that it was little wonder then that black and aboriginal people were disproportionately targeted by street checks –De Caire’s legacy– because the purpose of the police was to uphold white supremacy.

The different groups and individuals (among them was the Ontario Public Interest Research Group, the Revolutionary Student Movement, Revolutionary Communist Party, and McMaster Womanists) ended the meeting with a plan to launch a petition demanding De Caire’s removal from office.

“The main focus in the next month will be outreach to students and the community,” said organizer Alex Lepine. “We’ll mobilize them to show the university that we’re united, especially working-class students, against De Caire at McMaster.”

When asked who should replace De Caire, the Revolutionary Student Movement (which launched the campaign), suggested that a committee composed of campus workers, students, faculty, and community members make that decision.

The De Caire Off Campus! Campaign seeks the removal of disgraced racist ex-police chief, Glenn De Caire, from the position of head of security and parking at McMaster University. De Caire began his new job after retiring unexpectedly from the Hamilton police force.

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