Hamilton Coalition Against Poverty endorses Campaign to Boycott the 2015 Federal Election!

In this election, the people only have a choice between which politician will oppress them, cut their benefits, and represent the exploitative capitalist class. Even the ones who present themselves as champions of the people are, in fact, pursuing plans that will harm the working class, especially its poorest and most oppressed sections.

It should be the goal of all progressive and revolutionary people to expose the lies of this rotten system with words as well as actions, and so we are happy to announce that Hamilton Coalition Against Poverty has endorsed the campaign to Boycott the 2015 Federal Election! This campaign, initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party, seeks to expose to the masses how bankrupt this electoral circus and phony “democracy” really are, and HCAP, who organise among the poor in Hamilton, are fed up with this system that can never meet the needs of the people nor represent their interests.

As the campaign draws to a close, the people’s movement is gaining momentum!

Boycott the Capitalist Elections! Fight for People’s Power!