Québec – Palestine, Solidarity!

“Québec – Palestine, Solidarity!” This slogan was enthusiastically chanted on Saturday, July 26 in Québec City during a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people where a hundred people gathered outside the National Assembly. The demonstrators first walked through the Vieux-Québec, stopping in front of the consulates of France and the United States where they chanted: “Israel Murderer, France & USA Accomplice!” They then stopped at the CBC studios and also walked on the popular Saint-Jean Street.

Several bystanders, residents and small traders in the crowded streets, either supported the demo or delivered pro-Zionist verbal attacks. The latter reaction demonstrates how bourgeois propaganda falsely makes Palestinians responsible for Israeli aggression. If “you cannot stay silent about war crimes”—as another slogan said—it must also be clearly stated that we should stand in solidarity with the people in Palestine who have raised a necessary resistance against this unjust aggression.

– A comrade from Québec City