1. Our plan of action to make revolution
On the Recent Expulsions
“Cast Aside Illusions and Prepare For Struggle”
Against Liquidationism
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Against Fascism Conference Call-Out (May 11-13)

The following is from the Against Fascism collection of mass organizations. Fascism is without a doubt on the rise in Canada, with groups like PEGIDA, Sons of Odin, Proud Boys, and others springing up across the country. To combat this trend, there has been a strong resurgence in antifascist organizing all over Canada. Over the […]

Ottawa Reoccupation and State Repression – Against Snitch-Jacketing!

Recent confirmation of state surveillance of pro-Indigenous sovereignty mobilization by mainstream media have raised a lot of concerns among activists in Ottawa and elsewhere. What we have learned so far is that the federal police forces, the RCMP, were actively spying on the anti-colonial Reoccupation mobilization around Canada Day this year, both while it was […]

Smash Illusions: Power and the Struggle Against Fascism

This document is being published in advance of the first conference of Against Fascism sections. It presents the perspectives of the Revolutionary Communist Party towards how to build the anti-fascist movement in Canada.  Now is a Time of Monsters Capitalism is in decay. It’s decaying right before our eyes. Any semblance of a post-war “labour […]

The Mass Line and Communist Methods of Mass Work

Introduction This article is an attempt to synthesize, on an abstract and universal level, nearly eight years of experience engaging in various types of mass work. As we enter into a new phase of our work –one marked by rapid expansion of the party organization, and the further development of our mass and intermediate organizations […]