Labour Law fails to protect workers

A series of government “blitz” investigations found that the vast majority of employers in Ontario are violating the Employment Standards Act. In 78% of the 304 workplaces investigated in January, workers were forced to work illegally long hours, were denied overtime and holiday pay, and went without vacations or “pay in lieu”. All of these […]

Steel City Workers’ Defence Network

The Revolutionary Workers’ Movement of Hamilton has launched a new initiative which aims to defend the direct, day-to-day interests of Hamilton’s workers. The Steel City Workers’ Defence Network will use solidarity and direct action to fight issues like wage-theft, unjust firings, sexual harassment, stealing tips, unpaid training, and others. “The idea is this: there are […]

A Call to Workers, Proletarian Students, Artists, and Activist Groups: Let’s Unite and Organize for May Day 2016 in Sudbury!

The Sudbury May Day Committee has been initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committee) – Sudbury to organize combative actions and festive events for May 1st, International Workers’ Day. The Committee aims to be the coordinating centre for a coalition of progressive and revolutionary groups and individuals, united for an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, combative, and […]

Harm Reduction Workers Organize in Toronto

PRAC Toronto and the Partisan would like to extend a message of solidarity to the newly formed Toronto Harm Reduction Workers Union (THRWU), Local 610 of the Industrial Workers of the World. On Tuesday, November 11, THRWU officially went public in two workplaces—South Riverdale and Central Toronto Community Health Centres—with plans to roll out in […]

About Bill 3 and City Workers’ Pensions

(Ed.)—We received this contribution from a supporter in response to the article published in the previous issue (55) of the Partisan newspaper about the struggle of city workers against the Québec government’s Bill 3 that attacks their pension plans: The debate is raging in Québec, as in many industrialized countries, on the future of the […]

Workers United Against Racism!

With its “Charter of Values,” the Parti Québécois fuels the fear of immigration and promotes intolerance and discrimination, particularly against Muslim women. By doing so, it divides our class—that of the working people—and weakens our fight against capitalist exploitation. Let’s organize against xenophobic nationalism! Let’s build unity and solidarity among proletarians of all origins in […]

Open Meeting of the Revolutionary Workers Movement

Saturday, November 23 at 1pm 2633, rue Ontario est, Montréal (metro Frontenac) The Red Fists of the Workers are Rising! The MRO (“Mouvement Révolutionnaire Ouvrier” or Revolutionary Workers Movement) brings together workers from different industries in the Greater Montréal area. It also includes retired workers, so-called “inactive” proletarians (unemployed) and youth doing vocational training who […]

Harper Backtracks With Its Temporary Foreign Worker Program… But Still Wants to Impoverish Workers

The Harper government has recently announced changes to its Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) after being criticized by the opposition parties for allowing foreign workers to work jobs Canadians could technically have. Since the conservative government came to power, they have made it easy for companies to hire foreign workers, for jobs ranging from agriculture […]

Native Peoples and Workers United Against Exploitation of the Northern Territories!

In the wake of the rush to northern Quebec, Montreal’s biggest corporations met on February 8 and 9 for the “Natural Resources Trade Show” organized by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. Demonstrations opposing the trade show brought together hundreds of people who condemned the plundering of resources and the theft of indigenous territories. […]