Proletarian Feminism

Counter Protest Against the March “for Life”

Thursday, May 12 at noon Gathering at Confederation Park at 100 Elgin St., Ottawa For the 3rd year, we are protesting the reactionary and misogynist March for Life, lead by the Campaign Life Coalation. They claim to march “for life” but in reality they march for denying gender oppressed people’s bodily autonomy through opposing abortion. […]

Vigil for Victims of Unsafe Abortions

Wednesday, May 11th at 8pm Gathering at the Human Rights Monument Corner Elgin & Lisgar, Ottawa Many people do not have access to safe abortion services. Unsafe abortions are most common in countries where abortion is illegal or when there is lack of access. One in 8 deaths from pregnancy related reasons is from unsafe […]

Police Rush to Defend MRAs in Ottawa!

This is a statement from the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM): Last night, February 10th, the RSM participated in protesting a meeting of misogynists under the guise of “men’s rights activism” on uOttawa campus. As a result, this event, which was organized, led and attended almost entirely by retired and tenured professors and other non-students, turned […]

Anti-capitalist Feminists Oppose Reactionary Misogynists

(May 14, 2015) Today, between 100-150 protesters took the streets of Ottawa to protest the National March for Life, a march of thousands of people led by reactionary misogynists calling for the criminalization of abortion. Initiated by the Proletarian Feminist Front, organizations of anti-capitalist feminists from Ottawa, Hull, and Montreal rallied to put an end […]

Why We Need Proletarian Feminism!

Come join us in a presentation and discussion on “Why we need Proletarian Feminism!” Saturday, October 25th at 4pm St. Luke’s United Church 353 Sherbourne Street, Toronto As part of the ongoing work of the Proletarian Feminist Front-Toronto, we are holding a discussion on what we mean by “proletarian feminism” and the urgency of developing […]

Keep Shutting Down the Anti-Woman Right

The ongoing efforts of so-called “men’s rights activists” to use Canadian campuses as organizing grounds for their shamelessly reactionary and misogynist crusade against feminism were frustrated once again when a “men’s issues awareness” event scheduled to be held at the University of Toronto was disrupted. The event was hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality […]

Revolutionaries shut down Men’s Rights Activists event at the University of Toronto

From the Revolutionary Student Movement in Toronto: Comrades from the Revolutionary Student Movement, the Proletarian Feminist Front, and the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee confronted reactionary Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) as they gathered to spread their message of misogyny this past Tuesday at the University of Toronto. MRAs, organized under the dubiously-named “Canadian Association For Equality” […]

MRA Chauvinists Whine About Their Liberal Rights

Ever since the feminist movement in North America was successful in gaining a certain level of political equality for women, there have been those who have experienced this marginal loss of male privilege as traumatic. Falsely interpreting this loss of privilege as “oppression,” and desiring a return to the “good old days” of patriarchy, these […]

New Proletarian Feminist Groups are created

The First Conference for a Proletarian Feminist Movement was held on November 30 and December 1 in Montréal, with activists from various regions of Québec and Ontario. The main objective of the event was to initiate a movement across the country to support proletarian feminism. Throughout the weekend, the participants discussed the content of a […]