Canada’s Imperial project in Honduras

American imperialism is so undeniably a central part of the contemporary world system that even mainstream writers acknowledge its existence. Canadian imperialism, by contrast, is an idea viewed with scepticism and discomfort, even by large sections of the Canadian left. The most naïve convince themselves that Canada’s international engagements have a positive effect in the […]

First Leaders Debate of the 2015 Federal Elections: All Leaders Reaffirm Their Commitment to Austerity, Colonialism, and Imperialism

The electoral circus exploded in full force on August 6, with the first televised leaders debate of the election hosted by Maclean’s and Rogers. While most of the bourgeois media and party hacks argue over who won the debate, the debate’s losers are clear: the working class and oppressed peoples of Canada. Each of the […]

North-Korea: Socialism is Not Only Anti-Imperialism

A Short History of US Imperialism in Korea Always ready to encourage serial killings in a new imperialist intervention, the bourgeois press agitates on a regular basis for a new war against North Korea. The popular portrayal of North Korea is a country whose people (who should be freed by Western imperialists) are enslaved and […]

Oppose Imperialist Barbarism! Canada Out of the Middle East!

After making its decision in secret, the Canadian government has declared war on the organization called the “Islamic State” (IS), first in Iraq and then possibly in Syria. Posing as a “great defender of democracy and freedom,” Stephen Harper announced a six-month operation involving 600 troops, ships and planes to bomb the areas controlled by […]

The Communist Party Must Lead the Revolutionary War in the Imperialist Countries!

As communists in Canada, one of our most important tasks over the next few years, will be to restore the necessary consistency—forging the essential unity that should exist between revolutionary content and revolutionary activity—between affirmation and action, between saying and doing, which are too often dissociated. Such a lack of consistency is most evident in […]

Canadian Imperialism at Work in Haiti

The end of February marked the 10th anniversary of the coup that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, with the help of the Canadian government, from power in Haiti. On this occasion, the Haiti Action Network and other groups, including the PCR-RCP in Québec City, organized a speaking tour of lawyer Mario Joseph, an activist for social […]

Imperialism is the Problem, Not the Solution

Since the dawn of the so-called “Arab Spring” Syria has been a warzone. On the one side there was the Ba’athist regime of Bashar al-Assad; on the other side, an insurgency collectively referred to as the Free Syrian Army (FSA). In the context of uprisings throughout the Arab world, the situation in Syria has caused […]

Canadian Imperialists Are a Bunch of Hypocrites

The Partisan adds its voice to those who condemn the decision of the Canadian government to expel political activist Djaber Kalibi, who has lived in Canada for eight years now. We also demand that the permanent resident status, to which he and his family are entitled, be given to him as soon as possible. Last […]

U.S. Imperialism on the Defensive

For those who still believe in bourgeois democracy, the Snowden case reveals all the falsity of the allegedly “inalienable” character of rights and freedoms. The accumulation and seizure of personal data such as visited websites, emails and telephone conversations are now proved to be commonplace, officially “justified” by the need for accumulating information that might […]

Canada and NATO, Out of Libya! Down With Imperialist Aggression!

No doubt must subsist: this March’s NATO military deployment in Libya, approved by the UN—in which Canada is involved—does not have any legitimacy based on humanitarian objectives. It does not aim to spare Libyan bloodshed, to protect the people from a mad tyrant’s vindication; it cannot contribute to the emancipation of the country’s oppressed masses. […]