Signs of the Crisis Times: Resurgent Fascism

–> Download PDF version. Comrades, do get it into your heads, this ‘lesser evil’ which Year after year has been used to keep you completely out of the fight Will very soon mean having to stomach the Nazis. – Bertolt Brecht Nine days after Donald Trump’s inauguration a Québec City mosque was assaulted by a […]

Communist Anti-Fascism in Canada: Round One

Communists have always been anti-fascists. Despite serious missteps, before the Second World War it was Communists who led anti-fascist efforts all over the world, and it was the Soviet Union that ultimately destroyed fascism in Europe. Canada was no exception: from the late 1920s onwards, Communists led anti-fascist mobilizations and organizations across the country. This […]

Reject Racism and Islamophobia!

Our epoch is confronted with a rapidly expanding scourge: Islamophobia. Today, it is the dominant form of racism in our society. Muslims are the most stigmatized, the most subjected to discrimination and aggression. As such, Islamophobia is detestable as are all forms of racism and xenophobia. But the scope of Islamophobia is further aggravated by […]

Emergent Fascism and the Fragmented Left

The fascist right has been on the rise for years, crawling out of the sewer where it was hiding and festering. But only now that Donald Trump, the grossest symptom of this resurgence, has claimed the presidency is the mainstream willing to accept that fascism is a problem. Just a year ago this same mainstream […]

A Brief History and Assessment of Antifa Organizing

“The proletariat must have a well organised apparatus of self-defence. Whenever Fascism uses violence, it must be met with proletarian violence.” – Clara Zetkin Since its original emergence in the early 1920s, fascism as an ideology and a movement has been met with fierce opposition. From the very beginning, communists (along with other leftists) have […]

Possibilities and Limits of Fascism in Canada

The rapid rise of Trump in the United States caught almost everyone—both on the left and among bourgeois political analysts—off guard. Trump entered the Republican leadership race as a relative outsider, widely considered to be a joke candidate. He won. Poll after poll showed that Trump would not win the election. He won. Trump’s cabinet […]

Toronto Anti-Fascists Respond to JDL Hosting PEGIDA-UK

Fascism makes strange bedfellows. On Thursday, March 10th 2016, the fascist Jewish Defense League hosted Paul Weston of the white supremacist, anti-immigrant PEGIDA-UK and Islamophobic Danish hatemonger Lars Hedegaard at the Toronto Zionist Centre at 788 Marlee Avenue for a speaking event called “The Threat of Radical Islamic Immigration and the Erosion of our Freedoms”. […]