Ottawa Reoccupation and State Repression – Against Snitch-Jacketing!

Recent confirmation of state surveillance of pro-Indigenous sovereignty mobilization by mainstream media have raised a lot of concerns among activists in Ottawa and elsewhere. What we have learned so far is that the federal police forces, the RCMP, were actively spying on the anti-colonial Reoccupation mobilization around Canada Day this year, both while it was […]

An Appeal on the 150th Anniversary of a Prison House of Nations

Today marks the 150th anniversary of Canada. Canada, a prison-house of nations, which keeps indigenous peoples subjugated under colonial rule. Canada, a dream-come-true for the rich, which continually attacks the working class and provides a veritable playground for the capitalist class. Canada, a country which is a breeding-ground for all other forms of oppression, constantly […]

What Do We Celebrate on Canada Day?

As this edition of the Halifax Partisan goes to print, masses of people all over the city – as indeed all over the country – will be gathering to take part in Canada Day celebrations. There will be parades, outdoor concerts, and fireworks at night. Flags will be flying everywhere and popular feelings of nationalism […]

Support Anti Colonial Action!

Anti Colonial Action is a anti colonial and anti capitalist organization created to serve the indigenous community and organize with revolutionary politics. MANDATE To ensure peace for seven generations to come we must organize for liberation now! We aim to organize our indigenous communities in the areas that we live in for self defense, service […]

First Leaders Debate of the 2015 Federal Elections: All Leaders Reaffirm Their Commitment to Austerity, Colonialism, and Imperialism

The electoral circus exploded in full force on August 6, with the first televised leaders debate of the election hosted by Maclean’s and Rogers. While most of the bourgeois media and party hacks argue over who won the debate, the debate’s losers are clear: the working class and oppressed peoples of Canada. Each of the […]

Gatineau: Indigenous People Defend Their Heritage

Repairs to the Jacques-Cartier Street in Pointe-Gatineau caused unexpected resistance from indigenous people from various communities. Following the discovery of millenary artifacts on the site located at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the Gatineau River, the City of Gatineau has not seen fit to inform the indigenous representatives from the area, nor the […]

Increased Resistance to Enbridge’s Line 9

This past month saw increased resistance to the Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal project across Ontario. On July 14th, protestors shut down a construction site in Etobicoke. The Line 9 pipeline runs through several proletarian neighbourhoods in Toronto including Rexdale, Jane and Finch and East York. It runs under a number of schools, workplaces, homes […]