Red Flag

Call Out for Articles: Special Issue of Red Flag

Comrades, supporters, fellow travellers! The Red Flag editorial collective is looking for articles for a special issue on the rise of fascism in Canada. Although supporters and friends of the PCR-RCP have been talking about the rightward drift and resurgence of fascism for years—in various ways and in various articles—we feel that with the recent […]

Introducing the new Red Flag

“There are two principles for the united front: the first is to unite, and the second is to criticize, educate and transform. In the united front, capitulationism is wrong, and so is sectarianism with its exclusiveness and contempt for others. Our task is to unite with all intellectuals [and] artists… to help them, convert them […]

Red Flag Magazine Launch Party!

We are proud to present the first issue of the new Red Flag magazine, the first result of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada’s [PCR-RCP] efforts to reinitiate its propaganda work that, for the past several years, relied on old documents, online essays/interventions, and the Partisan newspaper. The Red Flag is intended to be a […]

The New Red Flag: Available for Pre-Order

The first issue of the new Red Flag will be available on June 25th. It will be available in Montréal at the Maison Norman Bethune and in all bookstores that circulate the PCR-RCP publications! It contains articles on Canada’s economy on the eve of the federal election, Toronto’s Panam Games, the 25th anniversary of the […]

Let’s unite against this racist system

In face of such incredible stupidities that were said at and following the Bouchard-Taylor commission on reasonable accommodations, the famous “Salut à toi” (“Welcome to you”) song by the French band Bérurier Noir has never seemed more relevant. Its message is one that all of us in the RCP would like to take up and […]

The Real Undesirable Ones

On August 20th and 21st, the small resort town of Montebello, in the Ottawa Valley, will be transformed into a maximum security fortress during the two-day summit that has been staged to “welcome” one of the most despised men on the planet, George W. Bush. Accompanied by his counterparts from Canada and Mexico, Stephen Harper […]

Soldiers, Stay at Valcartier!

Translated from Le Drapeau Rouge, No. 64, May 2007. Next summer, a Canadian Forces contingent from Valcartier (outside of Québec City) numbering some 2,000 soldiers will depart for Afghanistan. These soldiers will replace the current Canadian forces based in and around the Kandahar region. With this contingent, Canada will be the most important component within […]

To boycott is to fight!

Translated from Le Drapeau Rouge No. 49, published before the 2004 federal elections. On many walls and posts through proletarian neighbourhoods, we can read since a few days, handwritten or printed on modest posters, in the spirit of the activist tradition, three clear words, simple and obvious, precise and percussive like a shout: BOYCOTT THE […]