The Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (PCR-RCP) is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party that is engaged in organizing the exploited and oppressed masses for the overthrow of Capitalism. We are a fighting, comprehensive, and revolutionary party that seeks to become the vanguard of proletarian revolution. Since we emerged in 2006 we have built the germ of this movement from coast to coast.

Our Programme and line of march is based on the understanding that Canada is capitalist, settler-colonialist, and imperialist. Our struggle for socialism must also be a struggle for anti-imperialist internationalism and a struggle to end colonialism. Therefore we seek to unite with the most oppressed elements of our society, fighting for the right to self-determination for Indigenous nations, while also organizing the hard core of the proletariat to fight for communism.

The PCR-RCP is a weapon, not an extinguisher, of class struggle. We are the political arm of the working class. We reject bourgeois elections and the fake democracy of the Canadian parliamentary system. Our aim is not limited to resisting or reforms, but rather we seek to overthrow the Canadian state and Canadian capitalism through the strategy of protracted people’s war. With the aim of seizing power and a strategic conception of how to seize power, the PCR-RCP is the only organization in Canada capable of leading the struggle for liberation.