The Revolutionary Communist Party has dissolved. Its former members have dissolved the PCR-RCP not to abandon the revolutionary movement, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory, or the masses of Canada, but in recognition of the failures of the PCR-RCP, and of the need to build a true vanguard of the Canadian proletariat, which the PCR-RCP is not. The PCR-RCP and its members have committed many errors and learned many lessons in its history. This history will be summed up by its former members, so that the revolutionary movement may learn from them, rectify its errors, and repeat and build upon what successes it had. Further, the former members of the PCR-RCP will work to reconstitute the vanguard party, as all revolutionaries must when working in a country where no genuine revolutionary party exists.

In working to reconstitute the communist party, all revolutionaries must do the following: 1) reject the revisionist parties which uphold communism in words alone, while remaining aloof from the people, and only stand in the way of the masses’ liberation, 2) reject subjectivism in ideology which leaves communists unable to understand their conditions or forge a path forward; the main form of which is currently dogmatism in either the Continuator or Gonzalo Thought varieties, 3) uphold, defend, and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third and highest stage of communist theory. 4) serve the people by applying the mass line, in investigating the conditions of the masses, immersing into them, learning from them, so that a class analysis and revolutionary program can be developed, and on that basis, the masses organized and through the revolutionary struggle the most advanced masses can be forged into communists, 5) engage in line struggle with other communists, so that any opportunists can be exposed, and a greater degree of unity can be established until all genuine revolutionaries can be united into the vanguard party, and 6) periodically evaluating revolutionary practice, so that incorrect ideas and practices can be criticized, and correct practices reproduced.

Each of these can be done only in a limited way in the absence of a party, and it is the PCR-RCP’s failures in each of these tasks which make inevitable the conclusion that it must be dissolved, and a genuine communist party of Canada established. It is only through establishing a genuine revolutionary proletarian party that the Canadian proletariat and the oppressed nations and national minorities can be united and organized, and that revolutionaries can lay the groundwork for the initiation of a Protracted People’s War to systematically overthrow the Canadian state.

eThose interested in learning more, or in working to reconstitute the communist party, can reach out to pcrrcp@pcrrcp.ca, which will continue to be monitored.