Against Liquidationism

Recently a number of our leading cadre have chosen to resign and at least one has done so publicly. The express reasons for this resignation is that the party and the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is inadequate for the needs of the Canadian proletariat. Moreover, these former comrades have decided to start a new organizing aimed at better intervening at the point of production and thus overcoming the short-comings they feel are inherent in the Maoist party project they once supported.

First of all, we want to note that we are saddened as we always are by the decision of comrades we have worked alongside for years leaving the party and, subsequently, Maoism. This is not a new phenomenon and earlier iterations of this abandonment of Maoism for some post-Maoist conception of revolution prompted us to write the critique of post-Maoism in the last issue of Arsenal. As with every revolutionary project, there are advances and setbacks and some will get disillusioned and burnt out along the way hoping to solve the problems in a new panacea without realizing that they will likely inherit the same problems. We feel the need to reiterate that the party is a process, that this process is determined by line struggle, and that there will always be the need to rectify, transform, and struggle as we fight to bring about revolution.

Secondly, we are even more saddened by the fact that some of this small handful of resigning members were part of party leadership. Hence, those of us remaining in party leadership feel confused as to why they seek to blame the problems of the organization on the rank-and-file that they themselves helped organize and that they should be leading. If the problems are truly as monumental as they claim (and we believe that this is not the case but is the result of a certain level of subjectivism that has developed amongst a small faction), and they were leading cadre presiding over the development of the so-called problems, why do they see themselves as unresponsible and blame instead the rank-and-file?

Thirdly, the reason the remaining members of the CC feel the need to post this short statement about the resignations is because of the recent behaviour of the outgoing members. Although they have claimed that the problems internal to the party cannot be overcome, leading up to their official resignation they have been trying to poach members from the party to start their new post-MLM/pre-party project. Such behaviour runs dangerously close to wrecking, but it is also very strange that they would declare the party irreparable and yet seek to start a new project with exactly the same material that they dismissed as irreparable. They claim they do not want to be an antagonistic relationship with us but they have used their former organization as a recruiting ground for the new one they want to start from scratch. The fact that they felt the need to approach things in this way rather than be principled and struggle it out amongst the CC and then a party Congress is disappointing to say the least.

There is not much we can say on this new project the resigning members plan to launch because so far they have been vague and convoluted. In our opinion it appears to lean towards economism and is tantamount to liquidationism. We hope to be proved wrong, just as we hope for every revolutionary attempt to succeed, but we maintain that without a party apparatus and the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism any attempt to organize the proletariat will be doomed to failure.

It is our hope that the comrades will correct their current course of action, resist the sentiment of defeatism and pessimism, and return to our ranks. We encourage party cells and branches to resist the overtures made by the resigning faction, who are currently quite small, and instead prepare themselves for the upcoming Congress where we can struggle over the mistakes we have made and renew our work. We would like to remind those cells who feel isolated that there is exciting work being done in other parts of the country. We also want to take this time to apologize that we have been not able to notify comrades through official party lines: one of the members resigning currently holds much of the official contact information and we cannot simply wait to get ahold of it considering the situation.

In unity and struggle,

Central Committee

EDIT: To be clear, those resigning have been largely principled in the way they have resigned. Nor did we mean to imply they were intentionally withholding contact information, only that we have so far been unable to retrieve it for a variety of reasons. What we do take issue with, though, is the poaching of members which we hope will stop, and the political perspective behind their departure that has resulted in the resignations happening in the way they have.