Statement for International Working Women’s Day 2018

The international working-class has known for over a hundred years now that revolution is not only possible, but that women and other gender-oppressed people (non-binary, two-spirit, etc.) have a key role to play in it. Like Lenin said, “the success of a revolution depends on the extent to which women take part in it,” so the Revolutionary Communist Party is extending a call to working-class women and other gender-oppressed people all over Canada: join the struggle to end capitalism, the root cause of our suffering!

The bourgeoisie tries to convince us that women’s oppression is just a shadow of a bygone era but patriarchy is alive and thriving. The conditions of working-class women in Canada are dire: even with equal levels of education, women have a lower employment rate than men; women are more likely to be engaged in precarious work; domestic work still falls predominantly to the women in a house; and women’s wages are lower than men’s, even if we only look at women without children. These economic problems are further worsened for women also facing racial, national, homophobic, transphobic, immigrant, or ableist oppression.

It isn’t only economic conditions that are a problem. 80% of sexual violence victims are women, and 57% of indigenous women and 20% of trans women have experienced sexual violence. Of course, the stats are only based on what is reported—and it’s estimated only about 60% of cases are reported. Despite the government’s passionate “vows”, there has been no progress in stopping the long-standing crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women & girls. They, like immigrant women, are treated like second-class citizens in this prison-house of nations.

In light of these distressing facts, something must be done. The rights women and other gender-oppressed people have secured themselves in recent decades have only been won as a result of mass organizing and significant sacrifice. International Working Women’s Day is a day to organize, to celebrate the power and contributions of the revolutionary women that came before us, and to continue the fight!

Capitalism cannot offer us a future beyond the home, beyond underpaid precarious work, or a future safe from sexual violence. By becoming revolutionaries, we seize this future for ourselves and build it for ourselves: a real viable future for everyone that eliminates the conditions of patriarchy, imperialism, colonialism, and their root cause capitalism.

Join us in the streets this International Working Women’s Day and remind the world that a woman’s place is in the revolution!