Against Fascism Conference Call-Out (May 11-13)

The following is from the Against Fascism collection of mass organizations.

Fascism is without a doubt on the rise in Canada, with groups like PEGIDA, Sons of Odin, Proud Boys, and others springing up across the country. To combat this trend, there has been a strong resurgence in antifascist organizing all over Canada.

Over the past years of struggling against the far-right, the anti-fascist movement has gained a breadth of experience fighting against fascism. Despite a multitude of experience, there has been very little in the way of sharing of experiences and building cohesion within the struggle against fascism.

Against Fascism, the umbrella network of various local Against Fascism sections, along with Calgary Anti-Racist Action and the Saskatoon Anti-Racist Organizing Committee, are pleased to announce the Conference of Anti-fascists in Canada. Occurring May 11-13, the conference will allow us begin to share the lessons we’ve learned, solidify our approach, and plot a course forward for the struggle against fascism.

While the details of the conference are still in the works, the goal is to build practical and political unity among militant antifascist organizations in Canada and to better coordinate our work in the future.

The conference will be open to all antifascist organizations in Canada who are active in the struggle against fascism. With few exceptions, this conference will not be open to non-aligned individuals. This is both to ensure a high level of security for this event, while also ensuring the conference is oriented towards anti-fascist practice.

We encourage any interested organizations to contact us at for more information. Registration will open soon.

Accommodations such as food, billeting, and travel reimbursements may be made available depending on the support the conference receives. If you or an organization you’re a part of would like to donate to the conference, please let us know. If you will need accommodations, please also let us know.

Come together to fight against fascism!