The Revolutionary Student Movement is Expanding!

Following the tremendous momentum generated by the 2nd Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students this past spring, the Revolutionary Student Movement has initiated new chapters on several campuses in Ontario, including:

  • Centennial College
  • York University
  • Carleton University; and
  • Ryerson University.

This is in addition to its existing presence at the University of Toronto and uOttawa. Surely this demonstrates that the youth are rejecting more and more the false promises and real injustices of the capitalist system. The RSM is building a militant, united and revolutionary students’ movement that seeks to fight—and win—against capitalism, imperialism, colonialism and the state from coast to coast.

To get involved, speak with the person who gave you this newspaper or email the RSM at: seizethetimeconference …

Be sure to mention what school you attend so that someone can contact you as soon as possible!