“Rambo” Gauthier’s Party: A Project Completely Foreign to the Interests of the Working Class

This article from the Montréal Revolutionary Workers’ Movement (MRO) was written a few days after the announcement of the decision of a well-known trade unionist from the construction sector, Bernard Gauthier (known as “Rambo” Gauthier), to run for the next provincial election. The article is an appropriate response to the lies of this impostor. A misogynist and a racist who assumes his positions, Gauthier has made himself known for his controversial defense of members of the FTQ-construction in the Côte-Nord region. People like him are using the genuine anti-system sentiments of the working masses to channel them into a dead end, which ultimately benefits the system and weakens the working class as a whole.

– The Editors

So it is that Rambo Gauthier—the trade unionist who stood before the Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry—finally announced that he is launching himself into bourgeois politics by joining an obscure marginal party. He tells us that the current parties do not meet the needs of the workers and that we must fight against the political establishment. This is fair: a large proportion of the workers, by not going to vote, show at each election that they have already understood that the parties in the running, and even the electoral process itself, are not serving their interests.

In hearing him speaking on behalf of “ordinary people”, denouncing the “elite” and accurately rejecting the hypocrisy of the accusations of intimidation brought against him by anti-union bourgeois justice, one may be under the impression that Rambo Gauthier is an authentic representative of the working class and that his political project could be a real alternative to the status quo. But there is no need to dig deeply to realize that appearances are deceptive. Indeed, it soon becomes clear that something is wrong when he says that immigration and reasonable accommodation are among the most important problems faced by Quebeckers outside Montréal. He suggests that Montréal is invaded by hordes of Muslims and that the purity of the rural and semi-urban regions should be preserved. This mystifying and false speech is precisely that of the political and media “elites” which he claims to denounce. Workers in Québec have real problems, but it is certainly not the faithful of Islam who are responsible.

Were Minister Lise Thériault and the Construction Commission’s CEO Diane Lemieux wearing the hijab when they actively worked to eliminate union placement? What is the nationality of employers who refuse to hire construction workers on the Côte-Nord? Who abolished 340 jobs at the Olymel plant in Saint-Hyacinthe and nearly 500 jobs at the Christie biscuit factory in Montréal? There are not many Muslims among these capitalist bandits. Rambo Gauthier, who claims to speak on behalf of the workers, is not even able to identify the real enemies of the working class!

In order to secure their power, the capitalists have always sought to mobilize proletarians against each other. They have always benefited from the confusing views prevalent in certain sectors of the working class, especially if these views stigmatize other vulnerable sections of the popular masses. At one time, workers were told that the Jews were the problem. Today, they are told that the Muslims are. Many confused people appropriate these misconceptions, which only serve to make a diversion and prevent them from fighting their true enemy.

Rambo Gauthier is telling us that there will be a “civil war” if things do not change. Civil war, or more precisely protracted people’s war, is indeed the only means by which the working class will succeed in expelling the capitalist class from power and freeing itself from its domination. However, in declaring that he is trying to avoid such a civil war, Rambo places himself in the camp of the capitalists: he is appealing to them to let him play a part in their state so that their domination would be preserved from the legitimate rebellion of the masses. In other words, he is asking the bourgeoisie to entrust their sword to him so that it can save its purse. He is showing himself as the ultimate bulwark against the proletarian revolution. Whether the bourgeoisie will appoint him for this task, the future will tell us.

Rambo’s love for social peace, imposed by what is the greatest known violence in history—that is the exclusive armament of imperialism—also harmonizes with his unwavering support for the Canadian army and his proposals for resuming conscription. The civil war that Rambo wants to prohibit here, as well as the world war in which he wants Canada to take part as he said in his biography, is a capitalist war against the people. Its enemy is not “the establishment” but all peoples dominated by Canadian imperialism, many of whom are members of the “Muslim world”, as well as the Canadian working class, a considerable portion of whom are visible minorities and in which women—whom Rambo also proposes to send back to the kitchen—make up more than half.

Gauthier is sort of a rather skillful actor who plays the role of a regional worker rebelling against the system. He tries to explain that despite his six-year stay in the Canadian Army, despite his book sales and especially in spite of his career as a “business agent” for the Québec Federation of Labour (a job in which he proved to be a formidable Director of Human Resources for entrepreneurs on the Côte-Nord), he totally understands the misery lived by the working class. The problem is that this new star cannot speak for both capitalists and workers. In the class struggle, we always have to choose our camp. Gauthier chose his own: that of the bourgeoisie coming from the regions, but also that of the bourgeoisie in its totality which seeks to perpetuate its hold on Canadian territory.

The working class has not been a political actor for a long time. That workers want their class to express themselves politically is a good thing. But the working class needs representatives with a correct class perspective allowing it to mobilize and unite around a common project. Such a project must be directed against the capitalist class as a whole and must aim at the conquest of power in order to impose a socialist order that could lead to communism. By his reactionary stances, Rambo Gauthier showed that he is not a genuine representative of the working class but rather another watchdog of the bourgeoisie.

Gauthier’s “Power to the Citizens’ Party” is defending the power of the rich!

Proletarians from all regions of Canada and of all origins must unite to fight the bourgeois state and end the rule of the bourgeoisie!

-Montréal Revolutionary Workers’ Movement-