Call Out for Articles: Special Issue of Red Flag

Comrades, supporters, fellow travellers! The Red Flag editorial collective is looking for articles for a special issue on the rise of fascism in Canada. Although supporters and friends of the PCR-RCP have been talking about the rightward drift and resurgence of fascism for years—in various ways and in various articles—we feel that with the recent election of Trump, the most recognizable symptom of this trend, an issue of The Red Flag should be devoted to this phenomenon.

We are requesting that anyone interested in writing analysis, journalistic reports, reviews, interventions regarding this fascist resurgence send us their submissions as soon as possible. Since we want this issue to be out immediately due to its importance, we apologize for the deadline: February 10 2017. Please pay attention to the following guidelines:

1. Although one does not have to be a supporter of the PCR-RCP to submit an article, articles antagonistic to its political line will not be considered (i.e. articles that promote liberal/reformist ideology, articles that contain explicit/implicit attacks on Maoism or the PCR-RCP). That being said, we are happy to publish articles by those in the anti-capitalist milieu who are willing to work alongside the PCR-RCP and its mass organizations in coalitions or united fronts provided these articles are good.

2. All submissions must be about the fascist resurgence with a particular focus on Canada. We will consider, though, articles written by activists south of the border reporting on the anti-fascist struggles that are just beginning.

3. The preferred length of an article is 1500 words but we will consider up to 3000 if the article is excellent.

4. Depending on the amount of submissions we might not be able to print everything in this special issue, though we might consider putting out an extended electronic version of the issue online. Our apologies if your work does not make the cut; we can only print so much.

Deadline: February 10 2017

Length: 1000-1500 words (up to 3000 might be considered)

Submit to: