Support Anti Colonial Action!

Anti Colonial Action is a anti colonial and anti capitalist organization created to serve the indigenous community and organize with revolutionary politics.


To ensure peace for seven generations to come we must organize for liberation now! We aim to organize our indigenous communities in the areas that we live in for self defense, service to the people and to create a movement capable of national liberation and the freedom of colonized peoples. We struggle against capitalism, colonialism, sexism and the colonialist state along with all other oppression the masses may face. We are independent from the settler colonial state we organize in, the state is a tool of oppression by the ruling class and their colonial interests and it does not serve the people or our interests.

We organize in the interests of the indigenous working class, understanding that class distinctions create separate interests among our people, it is the hard-core of our people, the working class that has the most to gain and the most interest in liberation! We reject the colonial concept of blood quantum and “status” indigenous people. These ideas are only tools of the colonialists to get rid of the “Indian problem”, splitting our people and leaving large sections of our nation alienated from us making us have fewer numbers and not allowing us to unite with our people. We organize to make a movement possible of creating our liberation, a movement for complete self-determination and the struggle for national liberation, the taking back of our homelands and sacred lands. Taking back our natural resources to be used in the service of our people, not the interests of a few capitalists, to create an indigenous nation capable of feeding, housing, educating and providing to all of people, free from exploitation and oppression.


1. We are an organization of and for indigenous peoples.

2. To stay independent from the colonial and capitalist state in all our actions.

3. To organize all indigenous peoples in the interests of the indigenous working class.

4. The rejection of classifying indigenous people by “status”, blood quantum and skin colour.

5. To struggle for the national liberation and self-determination, up to and including complete secession from Canada.

6. Internationalism and Pan Indigenism.

7. Anti Colonial Action follows proletarian feminism and supports LQBTQ2S struggles.