Counter Protest Against the March “for Life”

Thursday, May 12 at noon

Gathering at Confederation Park

at 100 Elgin St., Ottawa

For the 3rd year, we are protesting the reactionary and misogynist March for Life, lead by the Campaign Life Coalation. They claim to march “for life” but in reality they march for denying gender oppressed people’s bodily autonomy through opposing abortion. Come join us at Confederation Park at 12:00, where we will take the streets to protest these misogynist reactionaries! Together,we can stop the March for Life!

Points of unity:

  • Maintain and improve abortion access as well as sexual and reproductive health care.
  • Defend our bodily autonomy in all its expressions.
  • Elevate the voices of gender oppressed people.
  • Maintain our independence from the state.

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