Call to the 4th Canadian Revolutionary Conference

The Revolutionary Communist Party calls on workers, revolutionary youth, anti-capitalist activists, supporters of indigenous national liberation and all those fighting for a socialist future to take part in the 4th Canadian Revolutionary Conference, to be held on May 21-22, 2016 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the latest in a series of conferences whose objective is to gather and unite the forces who wish to fight for the revolution, destroy the bourgeois Canadian state and establish people’s and workers’ power from coast to coast.

The first CRC was held in autumn 2006 in Montréal and it resulted in the creation of the Revolutionary Communist Party—a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party dedicated to the revolution. The second Conference took place in December 2010 in Toronto after the large mobilization against the G20 Summit, which had taken place earlier that year. It allowed revolutionaries from both Québec and Ontario to unite and initiate joint political work, including the publication of a mass newspaper—The Partisan. Revolutionaries who participated in this event also waged a widespread and successful campaign to boycott the May 2011 federal election, condemning the bourgeoisie’s electoral circus. In May, 2014, the third Canadian Revolutionary Conference in Vancouver initiated organizational work with revolutionaries from the West Coast.

We organize these conferences with a simple but audacious goal in mind: to gather and unite revolutionaries around a programme for revolution and communism, with a strategic vision for how to make that goal into a reality.

The damage caused by the world capitalist system has never been as obvious as it is now, and neither has the necessity of revolution. The era when capitalism may have appeared ‘progressive’ is clearly over. Twenty-first century capitalism is characterized by the intensification of workers’ exploitation, the continued colonial and imperialist subjugation of oppressed nations and people, a deepening of many forms of oppression and the annulment of people’s rights.

In Canada, this takes the form of widespread and persistent inequalities, the continuation of genocide against the indigenous people and impoverishment of ever-larger sections of the working class. The Trudeau government try to present a fresh face for the Canadian state, but this won’t actually change anything: these are fundamental characteristics of the Canadian society and have existed since this bourgeois state was created.

Like its traditional motto says, Canadian capitalism has unfolded from sea to sea. But it developed unevenly—it tends to systematically favor regions where the major capitalist monopolies are located at the expense of those it considers less important. The big bourgeoisie has always considered the Atlantic Provinces to be less important and it never hesitated to show its contempt for the people who live there. This disregard goes on full display during elections when the bourgeoisie cynically uses the people’s resentment to promote policies that will ultimately serve the dominant sectors of Canadian capitalism. For the capitalists, Atlantic workers are a sort of industrial reserve army that can be used or discarded at their convenience to inflate their profits.

The 4th Canadian Revolutionary Conference will take place in Halifax to allow activists from the Atlantic Provinces and members of indigenous communities to gather and discuss, in the context of the actual class struggle, perspectives that can help to advance the revolutionary struggle, in liaison with revolutionaries from across the country.

For the East Wind to prevail and join the storm that will sweep away the capitalists and their state, take part in Halifax’s revolutionary conference on May 21-22!

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