A March and Demonstration for Abortion Access in Charlottetown, PEI

To voice the mass disapproval of PEI’s lack of abortion services, and to challenge the reluctance of PEI’s patriarchal politicians on the issue of abortion access, we will be marching from the Liberal Party headquarters on Kent Street to the Gentleman’s Club on the corner of King and Great George. This Gentleman’s Club is a symbol of the patriarchal capitalist values of PEI’s political “leaders”, and is also the place in which the real political decisions are made, away from the influence of both official policies and the masses.

Keeping in-step with the “militant Anne” street art campaign started by local artist iamkarats, people are encouraged to wear bandannas and red braids, which will also be provided in limited quantities. Bring your signs, slogans, and voices to the demonstration! The anti-choice camp doesn’t stand a chance if we work together!

At 5:00 pm everyone is also invited to The Guild, on the corner of Queen St and Richmond St, for the reception for International Women’s Day.

This event was organized by members and affiliates of the Campus Alliance for Reproductive Justice (CARJ), the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization (PRRO), Abortion Access Now (AAN), the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC), and the Revolutionary Student Movement – UPEI Chapter (RSMUPEI).