Fascists, Out of Our Neighborhoods!

Photo L’Activiste

The small nucleus of fascists who hide themselves under the “PEGIDA Québec” Facebook page one more time showed their insignificance yesterday afternoon in Montréal as their racist and islamophobic “large gathering” ended by a resounding failure.

This was their third attempt to take the streets and again, they were routed by the popular anti-fascist and anti-racist mobilization. This time, the not more than half-dozen fascists were largely surpassed by the 200 or so counter-demonstrators, who were resolved to prevent them to spread their venom among the masses. It is only the protection they got from the SPVM (Montréal Police) that avoided them suffering a severe beating.

The fight against Islamophobia, racism and the stigmatization of Muslim people is pivotal for the unity of the working class. Islamophobia is the weapon of choice of the imperialist bourgeoisie for advancing their agenda of war and austerity.

The Revolutionary Communist Party congratulates the antifascist and antiracist activists and the popular masses who dared to confront fascists from PEGIDA, including the comrades from the Revolutionary Student Movement and Montréal’s Proletarian Feminist Front who took part in the counter-demo.

─> Photos from the anti-fascist mobilization are available here and here.