The People’s Dinner: Anti-Capitalist Community Meal

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 17, 5:30-8pm

WHERE: Meeting Room 1 (downstairs), MacKenzie Public Library, 74 MacKenzie St., Sudbury

RSM-Sudbury and RCP(OC)-Sudbury are teaming up with other members of the community to put on an end-of-the-year social event with an anti-capitalist theme. We’re hosting a free community meal and it is open to everyone!


Capitalism is a system where decisions are made based on what makes the most money, and not what best meets the majority of people’s needs. The result is that the real material needs of the people are ignored and unmet. Even in Canada, capitalism has resulted in around 20% of people living in need on a permanent basis, having trouble putting food on the table and maintaining stable housing. Internationally, the spread of capitalism results in tens of thousands of people dying of starvation every day. Meanwhile, the rich capitalists keep getting richer by making more profit off of our labour.


There are some attempts to make the conditions under capitalism more tolerable by charities and others, but these are only band-aids and do not empower people or improve people’s material conditions in any lasting way. In order to combat hunger and fight for our basic needs, we must fight capitalism. We must reject the capitalist values of individuality and competition and instead co-operate to serve the interests of the dominated classes. It is our hope that the People’s Dinner will begin to nurture these values which will be necessary to build a larger and stronger movement along these lines.

Everyone is welcome at the People’s Table this season! Come out to the Mackenzie Library downtown on December 17th to share some food and good conversation.

This event is child-friendly but childcare is also available on site upon request. Venue is wheelchair-accessible. Contact us on Facebook, or at or for more information.