The PCR-RCP Will Campaign for Boycott

In a totally cynical manner, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced this morning the official opening of the circus that will unfold across the country up to October 19, the date set for holding the federal election. The gangters in power in Ottawa will once again try to convince us that by filing a paper in the ballot box, we will “decide” the future of Canada. They hope this will give an appearance of legitimacy to a fundamentally illegitimate system—a system and a state they manage for the only benefit of the wealthy few. Rather than construct illusory strategies to revamp a system increasingly obsolete, the Revolutionary Communist Party will campaign for boycotting this election; instead, the Party will propose to the workers and oppressed people to organize and fight militantly and independently for building a genuine people’s power. In the coming days, material will be made available to the Party organizations, revolutionary mass organizations and all the comrades who wish to participate in this campaign—a campaign whose objective is not to give a new impetus or an umpteenth “last chance” to a system that doesn’t deserve it, but to prepare the only change worthy of the name: the end of the bourgeois system and the emergence of people’s power and socialism!

– The Political Information Bureau