Solidarity With Suruç & Kobanê! Honour the Fallen Comrades!

Sunday, July 26


197 Wurtemberg Street


A Call from the Proletarian-Revolutionary Action-Committee Ottawa.

In Northern Kurdistan, 30 of our comrades—socialists, communists, anarchists and Kurdish freedom fighters—fell in an Islamic State bombing. These militants coming from various organizations involved in revolutionary struggle in Turkey were meeting in the city of Suruç to plan the reconstruction of Kobanê, where Kurdish resistance won an important battle for a free and socialist Rojava. The bombing was committed with the complicity of the Turkish state, which has been providing support to the Islamic state in order to crush the Kurdish people’s liberation struggle and the people’s war in Turkey. On July 26, let’s honour our comrades and denounce the fascist criminals!

Solidarity with the Kurdish people!

Solidarity with the revolution in Turkey!

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