The Maoist Movement Moves Forward in France and the U.S.

The Maoist Communist Party of France (PCMF) and the “Futur Rouge” Communist Organization recently announced that they have entered in a unification process. This is great news for the communists in France, but also for the international Maoist movement, which is bound to play a more important role in the new wave of a global revolution.

In a public statement, the two organizations mention that the unity process between them was made possible through their joint participation in various political campaigns, including the campaign in support of the People’s War in India. They add: “We operate today in a context fraught with threats. General and growing crisis of the world capitalist system, aggravation of inter-imperialist contradictions and the redoubled offensive of reactionary forces are strongly impacting the French State. The situation for the masses of people is terrible. This context requires us to fulfill our historic responsibility.”

“Futur Rouge” and the PCMF state that “proletarian revolution is the only possible answer to smash capitalism… It is in this perspective that we are developing our work, we want to build today the tools of victory, and train activists who will carry it successfully. We need to build the party and to develop around it the united front of the working class and the people. Through its party, the one which we want to build, the proletariat will gain its autonomy and will develop its own strategy: the people’s war.”

This good news follows the announcement on May 1 of the founding of a new Maoist organization in the United States, called the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee). The group has made it central task of building “a genuine proletarian revolutionary party guided by the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and equipped with the basic program of Socialist Revolution.”

Although it is still in its infancy, the founding of the NCP(OC) could be a major contribution to the development of the international communist movement. The presence of a Maoist organization, with strong links to the masses in the U.S., is absolutely necessary to counter the negative influence of the almost mystical sect called the “Revolutionary Communist Party” in this country, which has proven to be a very bad caricature of Maoism.

Revolutionary communists from Canada stand in continued solidarity with the PCMF and warmly hail the comrades from France and the United States who have begun to complete the number one task of every Communist in any situation whatsoever: to build the revolutionary party.