Overcoming repression: Workshops and discussion on their tactics of repression and our strategies of resistance

Montreal’s Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC-Montréal) invites you to an afternoon of skill sharing on the theme of resistance to repression Sunday, November 30, 2014 from 12:30 to 17h on the 7th floor of the Henry F. Hall Building of Concordia University (1455 boul. De Maisonneuve West, Metro Guy-Concordia).

2014 was a year of persistence in the face of repression. The protest on March 15th was repressed in its early stages, and that of May 1st was violently attacked. In 2014, Montreal was rated the second city in the world in terms of the number of arrests on May 1st.

New ideas were tried this year to deal with these repeated assaults, with some relative success. Six months after these events, what lessons have we learned? CLAC has put out a factual and tactical report surrounding May 1st, 2014. This report will be distributed through an afternoon of workshops and reflections on the theme of resistance in the face of repression. The question asked will be: how to continue to mobilize and protest in this repressive context? We want to hear your thoughts!

Four workshops and discussions are on the programme:

  • Repression and resistance on the global scale
  • Protest security 101: tips and tricks for smart protesting
  • Bylaw P-6 is here to stay: what are we doing now?
  • “Fit to fight:” getting in shape for the revolution!

The objective of this afternoon gathering is to reflect on the May 1st report, but also more generally on the possible solutions for overcoming repression, in our heads and on the ground, and to brainstorm together about ideas for actions to come.