Why We Need Proletarian Feminism!

Come join us in a presentation and discussion on “Why we need Proletarian Feminism!”

Saturday, October 25th at 4pm

St. Luke’s United Church

353 Sherbourne Street, Toronto

As part of the ongoing work of the Proletarian Feminist Front-Toronto, we are holding a discussion on what we mean by “proletarian feminism” and the urgency of developing a combative, revolutionary movement that simultaneously fights oppression against women and marginalized genders, while contributing to the growing revolutionary communist movement in Canada. We acknowledge that capitalism will allow for the advancement of women and marginalized genders by altering the normative nuclear family structure where it must, incorporating women and marginalized genders into the bourgeoisie (by granting access to high paying employment and allowing advancement into political positions of power) under the guise of ‘progress’ and democratic freedoms. However, in understanding capitalism as an economic system which cannot exist without and thrives on the exploitation of the working class, we know that proletarian women and trans* people will never be free. We refuse to call the advancement of rich women and trans* people ‘progress’ when it happens on the backs of their proletarian counterparts who remain chained to a life of never ending poverty and struggle.

We live in a patriarchal, misogynist world. We experience oppression and subjugation as women and marginalized genders, while at the same time experiencing exploitation as workers. Our exploitation will not end through gender liberation – we must fight for gender liberation and the overthrow of capitalism!

We want to reject mainstreams notions of feminism and discuss how poor women and trans* folks have been alienated and cut off from the ‘rights’ and ‘opportunities’ supposedly being granted by political platforms, the NGO industrial complex and corporate campaigns for equality.

Do you have adequate and affordable childcare? Does your job allow you to make your ends meet? Does living in poverty affect your mental and emotional health? Is your housing affordable, comfortable, adequate size, does it meet health and safety standards? Do you feel generally fed up with conditions in Toronto and does all of the above make it nearly impossible to get by?

Come join us in the ongoing conversation about our struggles as working class people and the necessity for a militant, proletarian, feminist movement!