Third Canadian Revolutionary Congress Successfully Held in Vancouver

The PCR-RCP humbly announces the successful rallying of revolutionary organizers and activists of the East Indian Defence Committee and the Revolutionary Student Movement – Vancouver chapter after a weekend of intense discussion and debate on the revolutionary strategy we need for socialist revolution in Canada.

The holding of this 3rd Canadian Revolutionary Congress (CRC) in Vancouver on May 17th and 18th represents a watershed moment for our young Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, especially as it resulted in the deployment of an RCP Organizing Committee on the west coast, which will undoubtedly strengthen the influence and work of the PCR-RCP sympathizers outside of Québec and Ontario. The newly created RCP Organizing Committee unites older communist organizers and activists of the East Indian Defence Committee, who bring with them years of working class fighting experience—most notably in mobilizing the physical and moral defence of their community in Surrey, BC, against hostile and violent racist and fascist attacks on South Asian immigrants during the 1970s and 80s—with new communists youth in Vancouver high schools who are keen to propagate revolutionary communism in their schools and within the progressive mass movements in British Columbia.

The 3rd Canadian Revolutionary Congress opened with a dedication to the political prisoners and revolutionary martyrs here and abroad in recognition of the great sacrifices of all those who suffered for their political activities in the furnace of class struggle. In particular, the Congress supported a call to vigorously condemn the forcible abduction by the Indian police forces of Delhi University English Professor and Secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front, Dr. G.N. Saibaba, as well as to demand his unconditional and safe release.

Over the course of the weekend, the PCR-RCP provided its perspectives on the current global economic, political, and social crises as well as an in-depth presentation of its orientation toward the history of the Canadian communist movement. PCR-RCP supporters also provided their perspective on the international context regarding the state of the International Communist Movement. Most importantly, conference participants engaged in lively exchanges concerning the PCR-RCP’s proposed strategies and perspectives that serve to guide us on the revolutionary path.

In a period where the traditional institutions of the proletarian and popular masses are extremely weakened, whether because of the rampant opportunism in the trade unions that no longer fight for the interest of the most exploited workers, or whether because the larger and older “Communist” parties have become so entrenched in bourgeois parliamentary politics and revisionism they can no longer be considered a fighting organization, the 3rd Canadian Revolutionary Congress marks a break with these sclerotic and destructive tendencies by calling for revolutionary unity among the disparate far-left, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and revolutionary mass groups and collectives under a general strategy of protracted people’s war. Such a bold strategy would allow the new and necessary forms of proletarian struggles, that are already emerging in daily in various movements and among the militant anti-capitalist currents across the world, to flourish and reinforce the revolutionary camp.

Given the context of Canadian and global imperialism, the building of a great strategic alliance between the socialist revolution and the revolutionary national liberation struggles of the indigenous peoples must be placed at the core of our strategy and practice. This alliance will not be a submission of one group to the other, and much less a disguised condescension of “allyship,” but will be based on a process of struggle-unity-transformation aimed at abolishing the common enemy: the Canadian imperialist state.

The 3rd CRC calls for the beginning of this process of forging that strategic alliance with the indigenous struggles for the total destruction of the Canadian state as we know it. In calling for unity, the PCR-RCP recognizes that unity is not something that can be automatically achieved through shared ideology and common interests alone, but through a respective willingness and resolve to accumulate fighting experience in revolutionary struggle. To quote a passage from the main document of the 3rd CRC: “While it’s necessary to be present wherever struggles are being waged in order to be continuously linked with proletariat, we must not forget that the task of building a movement of people’s war cannot be left to the hazards of external conditions; on the contrary, this movement will be mainly built on our own activity as revolutionaries, on our ability to unite our words with our actions, the subjective and the objective, the short term and the long term. In short, to develop the concrete out of the concrete.”

The 3rd Canadian Revolutionary Congress closed with a spirited singing of the Internationale by participants after the unanimous adoption of eight proposals that serve to guide our work and activity in the months and years to come:

1. A commitment to support Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the strategic path of people’s war.

2. The formation of PCR-RCP organizing committees.

3. Struggle to unify Communist propaganda across Canada.

4. Deploying mass work based on the mass line and Maoist style of work.

5. The continued construction, consolidation, and expansion of movements generated by the PCR-RCP.

6. Seizing opportunities to build the embryos of a great revolutionary alliance with the indigenous nations.

7. Making 2015 a turning point in the influence of communist propaganda and the extension of revolutionary mass action.

8. Solidarity with all political prisoners and with democratic, progressive, and revolutionary activists who are facing attacks by the imperialists and bourgeoisie for courageously standing up in defense of the people’s struggles and revolutions. In particular, the Congress condemns the abduction of Dr. G.N. Saibaba and demands his immediate and unconditional release; the Congress calls for the expansion of the International Campaign Against the War on the People of India across the whole country; the Congress encourages the efforts that begun to establish the Red Aid as a mass organization in defense of the right to rebel and the right to make revolution and of those who carry those struggles.

The PCR-RCP congratulates the communist revolutionaries from the West Coast who dared to uphold MLM and unite to build the party and the revolutionary movement we need for overthrowing the rotten capitalist system and opening the way for socialism and communism.