Propagating Communism is a Good Idea!


I am a 24-year-old woman who is studying political science at the University of Montréal. It is only a few years ago when I was at college that I realized how naive I was in thinking that the system worked, that it was globally fair, that wealth was at least partly redistributed in Canada and the USA, that rights and freedoms were guaranteed and so on. I have long believed that capitalism was benefiting the world; for me, it was better to be paid $0.05 for assembling a sweater than to have no salary at all. It was only in a lecture about the cause of Filipino women in Canada given by PINAY (Filipino Women’s in Montréal) that I opened my eyes. I finally understood that capitalism is at the root of racism, exploitation, sexism and social inequalities. Capitalism may not be bad for some of us, rich and prosperous Westerners. If it is advantageous for some, it is only because it disadvantages the poorest, the “voiceless” from the south.

Despite the fact that I may be considered as a possible “bourgeois,” I firmly believe in the communist ideology, its ideas and theories, and the progress it brings in the consciousness of people.

I am writing you this brief summary of my personal experience to tell you that every time I see the man at the Cartier metro station who offers me the Partisan, I smile. I am always happy to read this small communist newspaper that denounces social inequalities and promotes communist ideas. Recently, I had the chance of seeing a teenager picking up the newspaper and reading it on the subway before going to school. What a joy it was to see that young people could be educated in another mentality than the capitalist one. There is hope for the future!

In short, I intend to go to a future meeting to join you in this important struggle. I encourage you to continue spreading the ideas of revolution and solidarity around the values of anti-capitalism!

– A reader from Laval

Thank you for your encouraging words. We firmly believe that a majority of people here in Canada are exploited or oppressed by the capitalist system. There are millions of proletarians of diverse origins and First Nations who are victims of the system. We encourage you to get in touch with the PCR-RCP and join a group of supporters (in Laval, write to

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