Third Revolutionary Youth and Students Conference Held With Success

Once again choosing to seize the time, the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) held the 3rd Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students on March 1-2. Hosted this time in Montréal, the Conference brought together communist and revolutionary organizers from Québec, British Columbia and Ontario.

In a day-long plenary session characterized by thoughtful analysis of the conditions facing proletarian students in their struggle to overcome capitalism, attendees came together as comrades to develop a plan to truly found the Revolutionary Student Movement as a pan-Canadian organization capable of mounting a serious challenge to the bourgeoisie and its state. Assigning responsibility for the ideological, political and organizational direction of the RSM over the months to come, delegates ended the plenary session eager to confront the historic task which has fallen to them: the task of spreading communist politics among a working class that is daily rejecting the lies of the capitalist system.

The second day of the conference was made up of workshops held by seasoned activists who shared their skills in conducting propaganda, organizing events, protest tactics, the foundation and maintenance of new RSM chapters, and applying the mass line. Moving forward, this new generation of communist militants will apply the skills they’ve learned here to move the class struggle to qualitatively higher levels over the coming years.

The Partisan would like to take this opportunity to extend a Red Salute to the comrades of the RSM and we look forward to following the development of this organization as it changes the political landscape on campuses and beyond.