Build the Kitchener-Waterloo Revolutionary Network!

A new push has begun to found a revolutionary organization in Kitchener-Waterloo. Comrades will be meeting in November to solidify the structure, membership and political line of this organization, which will be unified around:

  • Uniting proletarians all across the country on the basis of breaking with bourgeois politics, on the basis of the revolutionary struggle against capitalism and for the goal of communism;
  • Supporting the struggles of the First Nations against the Canadian state and by recognizing their unconditional right to self-determination;
  • Denouncing Canadian imperialism and its companies, which loot and destroy the peoples and resources of the oppressed countries through economic exploitation and war;
  • Calling for the defeat of the imperialists all over the world and by defending and supporting people’s wars.

The Partisan applauds this initiative in a region with rising unemployment, as capitalist giants like Blackberry close operations in favour of super-exploitation abroad; as students continue to be loaded with ever-more debt, facing fewer and fewer prospects but poverty, exploitation and unemployment after graduation; and as the general condition of the working class continues to deteriorate. We echo the call made in the rallying document for this organizing drive in emphasizing that objective conditions today are great for revolutionaries!

Now is the time for us to build! To get involved in this effort, contact