The Only Way Out of the Crisis is Socialist Revolution!

The current capitalist crisis is not hurting people equally. Some—the capitalists—take profit of it, while others—we, the workers—are losing their jobs, houses and the little they have. Those who still fill their pockets—companies’ bosses, State rulers, big bankers and all those friends among the bourgeoisie—use every means they can to preserve their power and profits. […]

The current capitalist crisis is not hurting people equally. Some—the capitalists—take profit of it, while others—we, the workers—are losing their jobs, houses and the little they have. Those who still fill their pockets—companies’ bosses, State rulers, big bankers and all those friends among the bourgeoisie—use every means they can to preserve their power and profits. Thanks to the governments, which use our own money through taxes, they received billions of dollars in subsidies and favorable loans.

This shows obviously how the capitalist State is totally devoted to those bourgeois, whether it be by diminishing their income taxes, facilitating tax evasion, changing the rules every time necessary. Those generous gifts do not prevent companies from proceeding to thousands of lay-offs and closing downs.

According to Statistics Canada, total employment declined by 400,000 between October 2008 and October 2009. And as we by thousands are struggling for our own survival, some at the top of their sky-scrapers dare to talk about the “the economic recovery…”

But this recovery is not to happen soon. And whether it is in sight, no doubt it will happen again to our costs. Damage is done, as governments have already cut social spending in health, education, social welfare and housing sectors. The reason of course is that, “as we should understand,” we now need to pay for the deficit, and for all those billions being offered to the banks and to their capitalist friends. In total, this deficit is now reaching $56 billions in Ottawa where the Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty expects a six years of deficit before returning to budget balance.

Since the beginning of this crisis, our working conditions are getting worst as unemployment rate has spectacularly increased and prices on basic goods have increased by 5%. For the workers, the years to come will be ones of recession, unemployment and huge difficulties. Those who will keep their jobs will have to give more to their bosses, being put under pressure by a working market favorable to the companies. This crisis for us is a guarantee of suffering and that poverty will continue to grow, as we have less means to improve our economic situation. Unless… unless we organize and struggle to get rid of the system that is responsible for this disaster.

Capitalism is over due! Crises reveal the contradictions of the capitalist system and are a part of it. Those contradictions are constantly growing and do explode more and more violently to such and extent that this time, it only took a simple crisis in the real estate U.S. sector to put the whole world economic system at risk within few weeks.

In their race for more profits, imperialist countries wage wars, cause ecologic disasters and continue to exploit more and more workers. We have nothing to win from such a system, which uses us as profit machines.

Capitalism is now close to bankruptcy. Now it is up to us, workers and unemployed, to accelerate its end and to ensure that it will be a step forward and not a step back.

To fight or to crash

We have two choices in facing the crisis: to give up or to fight.

Some forces pretend to act on our behalf to help us but so far, they only succeed to disorganize and divide: unions are now embedded to the bourgeoisie; community groups are more institutionalized than ever and the bourgeois parties are losing more and more their credibility every day.

Instead of fighting and opposing the crisis and the cuts, these forces “negotiate” and only ask for… less cuts. Instead of fighting for better wages, they “struggle” for the lowering to be less important… Instead of fighting against factory closings, they offer companies to contribute to their profits through workers’ salaries and concessions. “You want us to work by night? Seven days a week? No problem! We even offer you a part of our salary if this can help. And being there, why not taking our pension plans, after all!” In fact, instead of working with us for our own needs, they position themselves and act according to the exploiters’ interests.

Just below this barrier of parasites stand ordinary people, who try to survive and improve their situation.

Through different actions being far more positive, some of us, here and elsewhere, are regrouping and organizing to fight against the crisis. The results and outlook are still far limited, lacking of a clear political leadership. But it is the path we must follow in order to really organize ourselves and improve our faith. There are hundreds of examples of this positive movement where workers refuse to capitulate in front of what capitalists are trying to do to them; workers fighting inside their own working places, against their company rulers and attacking capitalists and governments.

In Germany, some workers took actions against their own bosses. In France, after the announcement of cuts and massive lay-offs, workers kept their bosses locked up. Others threatened to blow up the factory: “You want to close the company? Then you won’t leave with the equipment that you got yourselves thanks to our work!”

Even in China, where ones pretend that the only things workers can do is “to steal our jobs”—after all, our own capitalists are good but workers from elsewhere are so bad!—the workers of a steel factory rebelled after the announcement of a plan for 30,000 lay-offs among… 35,000 employees. Not only did they stop production but also they beat to death their boss, just named to represent the new private owner.

According to the China Daily, the workers clashed with the local police forces and prevented emergency services to access the site. All of this led the government to cancel the sale of the factory and the workers are finally going to keep their jobs.

What to fight for? In order to fight efficiently against the crisis, we need to oppose the system from which this crisis comes. We must fight for our own needs and put of front demands according to our interests.

We do not have to adapt our demands according to the needs of capital or to capitalists’ ability to pay for them. Demands must be the expression of the reality of our needs and should contribute to unify us and our class in the struggle against the State and the bourgeoisie Those demands will help us to wage the struggle that will put an end to capitalism and help to build socialism.

Such demands are included in the Programme of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP Canada) and constitute the basis for a true action plan for the Canadian proletariat around which we can unite for struggling against capitalism. This plan must attack the agenda of the bourgeoisie and of the parties that serve it. Here are some of those demands that we should fight for:

• Full salary for those who lose their jobs no regards to the number of hours worked, to their region or their status and that, until capitalists find them a job where they can have sustainable conditions of living.

• The effective right for each adult to exert a work socially recognized and a general improvement of our working conditions.

• Social security, welfare and free education for all.

• The granting for all of decent housing, food and clothing.

• The abolition of debts contracted by the poor proletariat and the masses.

• The free use of all the services and of all the public networks: power, telephone, water, gas, mail, transportation, railroads, roads, etc.

• Absolute equality and the political and civil rights for all the migrant workers. All forms of oppression based on racial, sexual and cultural discrimination must be prohibited.

• Total and complete equality for women, precisely for the women of the proletariat.

• The end of any army recruitment, right now: No money, nor youth for the imperialist war!

• The breach of all the international treaties supporting imperialism, the immediate withdrawal from NATO, WTO and all the organizations created with the aim of supporting the imperialist aggression and sacking. Instead, unconditional support for the peoples who fight to free themselves from imperialism.

You can be assured that any party participating to the parliamentary system will not propose such a programme, which encounters the needs of the proletariat and of the broad masses of the people. And if ever one tries to pretend so, well it means he’s the most liar of all, because the capitalist State won’t put such a programme in action unless it is forced to do so.

It belongs to us as workers to do what is needed for our future. It belongs to us to organize, and to fight in order to make our needs to prevail. It belongs to us to rally the oppressed masses behind one project, that of socialism and revolution, which will answer the aspiration of the majority.

Towards Socialism!

Elections are not a solution if we want to fight against capitalism. But voting for them is the only thing proposed by the bourgeois parties and those being more leftists such as NDP. By participating to elections and voting for them we give the capitalists all legitimacy to apply their rules and we are linked to their needs.

In order to attack capitalism, we must fight for it to end and to replace it with another system, where economics will not serve the only interests of a minority, but will answer the needs of the whole society. This system is socialism. Only through socialism will the proletariat be able to free itself and find solutions at world scale for answering its needs.

Socialism is workers’ power. Socialism means a society made for the workers because they will be the ones who will rule. A society where it will not be the bank accounts that will define the rules, but where those who work will decide.

With capitalism being guilty of the crises, the wars and all sorts of destructions being done, proof is made that this system is no longer suitable. More than ever, socialism is the future!

Be Part of the Movement for Socialism!

Let’s Build our Revolutionary Communist Party!